November 7th 2015, Geneva – Hublot is delighted to have participated, once again, in the auction organised by Only Watch. Only Watch is a biennial charity auction of unique timepieces created and donated by the finest watchmakers for research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

For the 6th edition, Hublot has collaborated with the contemporary Brazilian artist, Romero Britto, to create the watch with a dial in white gold and enamel, using the famous drawings of Britto. This is the first time in Only Watch history that a watch is accompanied with a Britto painting. The painting inspired the work of the enamellist on the dial of the Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto.

On the dial, the master dial-maker, guided by the vibrantly coloured work of art by Britto, reproduces the lines of the design at the right scale. Then, the white gold dial is struck to prepare it for the champlevé enamelling. Finally, the enameller applies thin layers of the powder enamel to the piece, adding the 6 opaque colours from the 250 shades in his palette one by one. The paint is fixed to the dial through successive firings at a temperature of approx. 800°C. Britto’s iconic designs are brought out perfectly by the meticulously applied champlevé enamel. In creating this dial, the real challenge is to transcribe all the harmony and energy of Britto’s work, in a miniature scale.

This timepiece is a good demonstration of the fusion principle, between tradition and modernity, between craft know-how and innovation from the 21st century.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot declared: « We are delighted that Hublot could participate once again in Only Watch. We’ve been supporting the research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for 10 years now, in creating unique pieces. It is indeed important for a brand like Hublot to share its success with worthy causes such as Only Watch. »

The Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto watch and the painting were purchased, by an enthusiastic Hublot watch collector, for 135 000.- CHF.