Hublot’s Art of Fusion sits at Andreas Caminada’s table

For Hublot, this year’s theme is the Art of Fusion. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of the watchmaking brand, therefore decided to celebrate this philosophy on Friday, December 1st 2017, at Andreas Caminada’s restaurant in the sumptuous Schauenstein Castle.

The Castle is located in the village of Fürstenau, the smallest village in the world, in Switzerland’s Grisons canton. A place that gives the impression that time is standing still, tt radiates the ‘Swiss Attitude’ that is held dear by the watchmaker. Guests here understand who the triple Michelin-starred chef Andreas Caminada really is. Indeed, his castle in Fürstenau reveals a great deal about his philosophy of life. This building retains all its historical features and comes to life in the form of a simple, modern and contemporary interior. A little like his dishes—finely tuned like the dial of a watch—in which each of his ingredients has a specific function and fits meticulously together with all the others. His unique cuisine offers authenticity and innovation at the same time. Andreas Caminada follows his instinct and plays with textures as well as the senses, without ever changing the initial taste of the ingredients he uses. He preserves the original spirit of his profession while demonstrating limitless creativity in his dishes!

This is how Andreas Caminada offered guests a unique gustative performance. Each dish was inspired by Hublot’s Art of Fusion. An explosion of colors, featuring contrasts of sweet & sour flavors, soft and crunchy textures, and even hot and cold temperatures.

A mixologist offered cocktails inspired by the Art of Fusion to accompany these delicate dishes. After dinner, the guests took part in a “Kitchen Party” with DJ Teddy-O on the turntable. As a souvenir and so as to immortalize this moment, the guests were able to pose in the photo booth created for the occasion, wearing one of Hublot’s latest creations on their wrist.


The Art of Fusion exhibition was installed in the Schauenstein Castle, highlighting Hublot innovations such as Magic Gold or the All Black concept. Pieces from the Big Bang Unico Sapphire, Big Bang Ferrari and Techframe collection as well as the Classic Fusion Italia Independent also accompanied this sparkling and exclusive exhibition.


Hublot & Andreas Caminada—a connection of gustative excellence

Talent, spirit, determination and passion are what distinguish the best from the good. It is this quest for perfection that brings together Hublot and its friends. Andreas Caminada was wearing jeans, trainers and a black chef’s jacket when he met Ricardo Guadalupe in Fürstenau. An exceptional talent whose global culinary art ensures enthusiasm. A lord of the manor who grows and transforms regional produce, and pursues his culinary talents with absolute watchmaking precision.


Andreas Caminada joined the Hublot family last March. In fact, Ricardo Guadalupe, an epicurean at heart, particularly appreciative of delicate and refined things, was charmed both by Chef Andreas Caminada himself and by his simultaneously simple and exquisite cuisine. Indeed, he has a penchant for simple and natural things. At the age of 33, he had 3 Michelin stars. He has since made a name for himself on the international scene thanks to his 19 Gault & Millau points. He combines virtuosity with audacity, innovation and tradition. Furthermore, he creates a relaxed atmosphere, so that a meal at his table is like a family meal.