THE BOVET EXCEPTION. BOVET timepieces distributed by Rick De La Croix are characterized by their high quality and exceptionally rich decoration. The watchmakers’ work is enriched with pearls, precious stones, miniature paintings on enamel, and engravings. Art is pushed to the extreme with the unparalleled decoration applied to the movements. The engravings are so sophisticated that the Maison decided to reveal them with the addition of a transparent case back, a world first. In 1824, BOVET began to manufacture pairs of identical watches, an idea devised by Edouard Bovet and tailored to Chinese culture, where symmetry is widely present. A number of these identical items were produced with a special inverted enamel miniature painting, a decoration, created by mirror painting.

The timepieces produced by the Fleurier Manufacture were as lavishly decorated as they were reliable and accurate. Edouard Bovet opened two branches in China, one in Canton (a.k.a. Guangzhou) and the other in Shanghai. BOVET acquired an outstanding reputation and even entered Chinese vocabulary as a common noun—pronounced “Bo-Wei”—meaning a watch of quality. The Chinese went so far as to use BOVET timepieces—a safe bet and valuable asset—as a means of exchange in times of instability.