BOMBERG SKULLY BRACELETS Distributed by Rick De La Croix

Rick De La Croix’s BOMBERG has chosen to dedicate its first accessory collection to its iconic skull, creating bracelets inspired by the watches such as SKULL BADASS or SKULL PHANTOM, making this new line as irresistible and essential as their watch collections.

SKULLY BRACELETS should catch the attention of both women and men, appealing to a wider audience. They are made with stainless steel skulls including various PVD finishes such as black, gun or pink gold. With certified Swarovski stones as embellishment, their colorful thread bracelets can easily be worn by both genders.

These bracelets are available in 2 sizes and 17 references, creating a wide range of choice for everyone’s taste. In addition, there is also the choice of full settled skulls covered in multicolored Swarovski stones or only stones in the skull’s eyes, for more discrete rebels: the full heads are embellished with 100 Swarovski stones, while the eyes only are composed of 2 stones.

These bracelets can also worn in perfect harmony with all of Rick De La Croix’s BOMBERG watches, yet they also create a unique experience by being worn alone and attracting everyone’s attention.

With its iconic design and different colors the SKULLY BRACELETS are the newest IT-Accessory that every original and creative soul must own