Big Bang Pop Art “One-Click”

June 15 June 2016

Which Big Bang are you? Elegant, modern, sporty, relaxed, chic, understated, sublime, magnetic, irresistible, flashy, joyful, upbeat. These are just some of the adjectives and states of mind that the multifaceted and creative style of the new Big Bang Pop Art “One-Click” 39 mm evokes. “When it comes to style and fashion, the key thingRead More »


June 15 June 2016

Objective RIO — triple gold and a new record. In order to mark 2016, a milestone year for Usain Bolt, Hublot has created two new limited editions imbued with all that embodies the strength, determination and success of the fastest man in the world. Six-time Olympic champion and eleven-time world champion, the record holder isRead More »


May 14 May 2016

Time Unites Twin Traditions of Production and Expertise     After celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cohiba with the creation of three commemorative limited editions, Rick dela Croix’s Ares Distributors is proud to announce: Manufacture Zenith pays a tribute today to this Cuban legend with the production of a watch that fits into the veryRead More »

Skull Bad Boy: Dark side of the Skull

May 10 May 2016

Need we say more? The name really says it all. Its appearance speaks volumes, yet masks a stunning complexity. There’s more to the skull than meets the eye! Back to black One would naturally assume that the starting point for the Skull Bad Boy was the skull itself, unveiled by HYT in 2015. Not so.Read More »

Heritage Pilot Ton Up

May 4 May 2016

A new model with a strong character joins the Pilot Collection from Zenith. Its broad 45 mm-diameter aged steel case houses a legendary movement – the automatic El Primero 4069 chronograph calibre – and displays a vintage dial boasting perfect readability. The Heritage Pilot Ton-Up proudly takes its place in this iconic line composed ofRead More »

The Academy Christophe Colomb Tribute to The Rolling Stones

May 3 May 2016

The world of rock’n’roll trembles: The legendary group The Rolling Stones will perform for the first time in Cuba on March 25th. On the occasion of this unique concert, Zenith will launch an exclusive series dedicated to the association it has maintained with the British band since 2014. Combining technical virtuosity with craftsmanship, this prestigiousRead More »

Big Bang Sang Bleu

April 27 April 2016

With harmony and proportion, Hublot and Sang Bleu create an original intriguing and eye-catching piece. Its construction is reminiscent of the symbolism in the geometric shapes so dear to Sang Bleu. It evokes the harmonious and proportional relationships derived from Leonard de Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Symmetric effects that have guided Humanity since the dawn ofRead More »

ELITE LADY MOONPHASE, an Anthem to Femininity

March 5 March 2016

In 2016, the Elite collection by Zenith appears in a distinctly feminine guise. Elegance goes well beyond gender boundaries. While the recent Elite models can be admired on the wrists of men and women of discerning taste, the new Elite Lady Moon Phase embodies the essence of refined femininity according to Zenith. A subtle blendRead More »

Hublot supports fundamental rights

February 8 February 2016

Hublot joins the Womanity Foundation to defend the universal values of Equality, Liberty & Independence “Women—my wife, my daughter, my granddaughter—play an important role in my life. They provide me with balance, they guide me, and they complement and understand me. I could not imagine them being denied access to training, education, the right toRead More »

HYT bathes its H4 in light

January 19 January 2016

Innovation within tradition, the DNA of haute horlogerie, the movement heritage, and so on: forget it all. HYT does things its own way, and discards these received ideas. Need a known quantity to hang on to? Good news: the H4 Metropolis tells the time. As for the rest, you will need to forget anything thatRead More »