Latin Urban Super Star, Nicky Jam Joins Bomberg

March 21 March 2017

Bomberg watches and jewelry is proud to announce the newest addition to the Bomberg family: Latin Urban super star Nicky Jam. As a fan of Nicky Jam’s music himself, President Rick De La Croix is excited to join forces for this new partnership. Rick De La Croix’s Bomberg distinguishes itself by capturing demand as itRead More »

Bomberg and Claudia Gadelha: A Daring Alliance

February 27 February 2017

Bomberg, the Swiss made “newbie“ to the world of watches founded by Rick De La Croix, first opened doors in 2012 with a mission to cater to the bold and daring. BOMBERG is different and unconventional and we wouldn’t expect anything less from their partnerships. Claudia Gadelha is a mixed martial artist from Brazil competingRead More »


February 24 February 2017

2 NEW LOOKS Fresh, daring and sportive. It is thanks to its unique and audacious mind, creating bold yet delicately crafted pieces, that Rick De La Croix’s BOMBERG has emerged into the watchmaking industry as a truly innovative and unconventional brand over the past few years. Two new special pieces have been added to BOMBERG’sRead More »


October 7 October 2016

Inspired by a cobra, which confronts everything and everyone face-to-face, daring all challengers without the need to sneak around. A cobra is aware of its own speed, its own agility and its own venomous power to kill. The BOLT-68 AUTOMATIC BLACK COBRA and STEEL COBRA are a talisman for the snake’s defiant courage. The spittingRead More »


November 19 November 2015

FALCON. A bird of prey with long powerful wings used for swift and agile flight. Historically, falconry was a popular sport and status symbol among the noble of medieval Europe, the Middle East, and the Mongolian Empire. BOMBERG designed BOLT-68 FALCON with one thing in mind: to hunt. Different than other watches, BOLT-68 FALCON isRead More »


November 18 November 2015

Just a short year after its launch the BOLT-68 is already the brands major collection. Featuring an easy to handle – and patented – bayonet system that turns the timepiece into a unique pocket watch, the BOLT-68 has been welcomed by raving enthusiasm. This summer, BOMBERG proposes a new version with BOLT-68 CAMO. Inspired byRead More »


November 8 November 2015

BOOM! – GRENADE, the desk clock is on your table, ready to give you the time but mainly adding an original & fun touch to your environment. As the name indicates, Rick De La Croix‘s BOMBERG desk clock is small, fierce, powerful and efficient, an item every BOMBERG lover needs. BOMBERG designed the GRENADE asRead More »

BOMBERG SKULLY BRACELETS Distributed by Rick De La Croix

September 8 September 2015

Rick De La Croix’s BOMBERG has chosen to dedicate its first accessory collection to its iconic skull, creating bracelets inspired by the watches such as SKULL BADASS or SKULL PHANTOM, making this new line as irresistible and essential as their watch collections. SKULLY BRACELETS should catch the attention of both women and men, appealing toRead More »

The Bolt-68 Collection

August 31 August 2015

46 years after 1968, BOMBERG introduced its second product line in 2014: The BOLT-68 Collection. This collection’s name speaks to the entire brand DNA. The “68” refers to one of the most significant years of the 20th Century, and “BOLT” emphasizes the collection’s strength and designed impact. The most unique and disruptive aspect of theRead More »


December 4 December 2013

The BOMBERG brand, and the philosophy underpinning it, were developed two years ago and launched in November 2012. Encouraged by its immediate success on the Mexican market, this Swiss brand will première three lines, or some 50 designs, on the international stage in Basel. On the one hand BOMBERG is distinguished by the excellence and distinctivenessRead More »