The interchangeability between the watch faces & the accessories

What makes klokers’ watches truly unique are how customizable they are. Every klokers watch-head is attached to its straps and accessories by a patented fixing system, the klokers’ key.

This unlocks a world of interchangeable and complementary products, where one can create its own style, choosing from a virtually limitless combination of watch-heads, straps, accessories, materials and colors. The uses are practically endless too. klokers watches can be used round the wrist, in your pocket, on your desk, etc.

part from the assembly and the movement, the main difference with klokers lies in the way it portrays time. Displaying the time in a non-conventional manner and portraying time without the use of traditional watchmaking complications.

klokers watches are highly evocative, triggering memories and personal stories from iconic objects of our past. They are like time shuttles for the wrist, reviving timeless style elements and channeling them into fresh, contemporary, playful timepieces respecting the origins of their inspiration.