Launched in 2012 and headquartered in Neuchâtel, the centre of the Swiss watchmaking industry, BOMBERG is a young Swiss watchmaking company out to reinterpret and completely overturn classic watchmaking rules – and they are succeeding! BOMBERG continues to emerge as a defiant, non- conforming, rebellious and provocative brand within new markets.

From day one, BOMBERG, aiming to be different in the highly standardized world of watchmaking, deployed audacious styling, innovative designs, and provocative ad campaigns. With taglines such as “TOYS FOR BOYS,” “BE THE BOSS” and “UNCHAIN THE BEAST”, BOMBERG’s advertising uses both written and visual imagery to push the boundaries and grab your attention. The campaigns are edgy and provocative, integrating “Friends of the Brand” and models who have their own distinctive styles.

The company’s ethos is bold, aggressive and champions non-conformity and masculinity. A BOMBERG watch is more than a simple timepiece; it embodies a rebellious lifestyle, appealing to the fashion-forward man who is not afraid to make a statement. With this target audience in mind, it is no surprise that fans of the brand include rock legend Gene Simmons from KISS, Tommy Lee from Motely Crue, hard rock guitarist Slash from Guns N’ Roses and the famously tattooed Californian NBA player, Chris Andersen, the brand’s first ambassador.

BOMBERG launched worldwide in 2013 in Basel, Switzerland. Both of their collections, the 1968 collection and the more recent BOLT-68 collection, are already available in over 50 countries. The timepieces are reasonably priced, within reach for those passionate about style and looking to make a statement.

Swiss made, strong, and unconventional, BOMBERG reinterprets and completely overturns classic watchmaking rules in order to create unusual timepieces. Focusing on quality and attention to detail, the BOLT-68 and 1968 collections take the wristwatch to a new level, opening up new horizons for its trend-setting wearer.